Fuyuki Army Promotion held its final show on the historic FMW day of May 5, 2004 at the Kawasaki Stadium. The show drew a disappointing 8,250 fans to the show, but the card had gone through several changes, just days before the show. The Main Event would change three time alone in a week before the show. The weather would also play a factor, as it had rained all day in Kawasaki, and many expected it to rain during the show. It would end up just sprinkling at the beginning of the show before stopping. But it still remained a cold 55 degrees outside, and very windy. Hayabusa who attended the show backstage said that the show was extremely cold the entire night, outside, as well as backstage. Hayabusa also mentioned, that there was a small FMW reunion backstage, as himself, Masato Tanaka, Mr. Gannosuke, Kintaro Kanemura, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, Jado, Gedo, GOEMON, Onryo, Mammoth Sasaki, Garuda, Hido, Yoshihito Sasaki, Chocoball Mukai, and Shinjuku Shark were all backstage, talking about the old FMW days. Hayabusa also met Riki Choshu for the first time in 10 years, and only the second time ever. The first was when Hayabusa competed at New Japan's Super J Cup 1994 Tournament and met Choshu backstage before the event. The show will air on Samurai TV on May 9th.

Kintaro Kanemura & Hido teamed up in the Main Event to defeat The World Japan team of Riki Choshu & Tomohiro Ishii. Kanemura was jumped at the beginning of the match by Choshu, and taken outside of the ring, in which Choshu would begin attacking Kanemura with a chair, causing Kanemura already to become busted open. Choshu would work more on Kanemura's cut, causing an extreme amount of blood to be dripping out of Kanemura's head before Choshu would tag in Ishii. Ishii would not fair as well with Kanemura, as Kanemura would make a comeback and begin slapping Ishii's chest hard, with Hido coming in and clotheslining Ishii down. Kanemura would grab a piece of a table and smash it over Ishii's head, causing blood to come out of Ishii's head. Choshu would eventually come in to help his partner out, but Kanemura would smash the piece of table over Choshu's head as well before Choshu would manage hit his signature spots, including the Riki Lariat on Kanemura, and then put Kanemura in the Scorpion Death Lock. Hido would attempt to make the save, but a bloody Ishii would clothesline Hido, to stop him from making the save. Kanemura would eventually get out of the submission move, and would continue beating on Kanemura, and then tagging in Ishii. Ishii would attempt to put Kanemura away with a belly to back supplex, but as it looked like Ishii, was about to finish Kanemura off, out of nowhere, an incredibly bloody Kanemura would grab Ishii's leg, and get him in the Samson Clutch for the three count and the victory for Kanemura & Hido at 12 minutes, 5 seconds. An incredibly upset Choshu would refuse to accept the lose, and grab the referee and begin yelling at him, for what he believed was a face count before leaving. The Apache Army members of Mr. Gannosuke, Mammoth Sasaki, GENTARO, Takashi Sasaki, and Go Ito would all get in the ring, as Kanemura would grab the mic and declare the war was not over with Riki Choshu. Kanemura would challenge Choshu to a singles match and  that the Apache Army would invade the World Japan May 27th Korakuen Hall show, as well as future Zero One & All Japan shows, as all the members would begin the TNR Dance to "Come out and Play" as the Fuyuki Army team had won the final match of the show, and the promotion, as the show ended.

Tetsuhiro Kuroda took on All Japan's Satoshi Kojima for the second time, in a rematch of their July 31, 2003 Fire Festival match at Zero One. This Semi Main Event would be billed as a "Battle of the Lariats". The two would begin with slaps of the chest against one another, until Kojima would manage to drop Kuroda down to one knee with a hard chop. Kojima would begin kicking at Kuroda's chest until Kuroda would fight back to both his feet and begin slapping away at Kojima's chest again. Kojima would eventually take Kuroda to the corner, and hit his Koji Cutter off the top turnbuckle, but Kuroda would end up countering, with his own signature dropping his opponent's head against the top turnbuckle. Kuroda would then hit a Northern Lights Supplex, but would manage to get a two count. Kuroda would end up attempting to finish the match with his Lariat, but it wouldn't be enough at Kojima would manage to kick out. Kojima would then come back, and follow up with a Lariat of his own. Kuroda would manage to kick out, but Kojima would throw his elbow pad out of the ring, and this time, would finish Kuroda off with another Lariat for the three count and the Kojima victory at 13 minutes, 10 seconds. Kuroda would bow in respect to the crowd in his final WEW/Fuyuki Army match.

Kaoru Fuyuki would come to the ring to Kodo Fuyuki's "Shoot It '95" and would thank the crowd for supporting WEW/Fuyuki Army for the past two years. She would talk about one year ago being the day of her late husbands ashes being scattered around the ring, just like he had wanted.  She would then announce that every Fuyuki Army Promotion wrestler after the show, would officially become Freelancers, and can work for whoever they choose for. 

Mammoth Sasaki would face the biggest challenge since his match against Genichiro Tenryu on December 27, 2003. Mammoth with one day notice, would be put in a match against Zero One's Shinya Hashimoto. Mammoth would start off strong, attacking Hashimoto's injured shoulder, and would attempt to put it away early, as he would place a chair over Hashimoto's head and swat at it with another chair and hit Hashimoto with the Mammoth Home Run, but Mammoth would only manage to get a two count. Mammoth would then begin working on getting Hashimoto down to his feet again, with continuous clotheslines, aimed as hurting Hashimoto's injured shoulder. It would not manage to work though, as Hashimoto would begin stiff kicking Mammoth in the chest and face, before hitting Mammoth with a DDT, and then getting him in a Triangle Choke, with Mammoth an extreme pain, but refusing to give up, the referee would call for a Referee Stoppage to end the match and reward the victory to Hashimoto at 9 minutes, 2 seconds. 

Mr. Gannosuke would take on former New Japan & World Japan wrestler Shiro Koshinaka at the show, and would jump him early to begin the match outside of the ring. Koshinaka would manage to throw Gannosuke into the crowd, who would grab a chair and begin to go after Koshinaka with it. Koshinaka would counter with a chair himself and both wrestlers would begin a duel fight with the chairs. Koshinaka would use his hip to knock the chair away from Gannosuke, and the two would begin slapping at each others chest, and the two would exchange lariats at one another, before Koshinaka would manage to hit Gannosuke with the Samurai Driver '84 to get the victory over Gannosuke at 13 minutes, 15 seconds.

Masato Tanaka who left FMW three years ago, and Yoshihito Sasaki, who left the FMW alliance after it went under to join Zero One two years ago teamed up against former Zero One friends Shinjiro Otani & Tatsuhito Takaiwa. Tanaka & Sasaki formed an alliance with Tetsuhiro Kuroda in Zero One after leaving the Zero One team back in February. Tanaka and Takaiwa would start with Tanaka getting the better end and knocking Takaiwa down and delivering the Frog Splash on Takaiwa before tagging in Sasaki. Sasaki and Takaiwa would begin going at it, with fierce hits at one another, with Takaiwa winning the battle over Sasaki, and bringing him over to the corner for Otani to kick Sasaki in the face. Sasaki would manage to hit a Spear on Takaiwa and make the tag to Tanaka, as Takaiwa would make the tag to Otani. Tanaka who defeated Otani in a NWA United National Championship match back at the Zero One April 30th show, would go at it, as Tanaka would enter the ring hitting a Missile Dropkick on Otani. Otani would eventually ground Tanaka, before both Takaiwa and Sasaki would get tagged back in. Takaiwa would hit Sasaki with a Brainbuster, a Death Valley Driver, and then Takaiwa would finally finish Sasaki off with a lariat for the pinfall victory. 

Chocoball Mukai would make his return to the Fuyuki Army Promotion to take on All Japan's Kendo Kashin. Chocoball, who had been arrested and spent 27 days in prison for filming a porno, without any paperwork, was finally bailed out on April 27th, by IWA President Asano. Chocoball who faced off against Tatsuhito Takaiwa at last years show, and was killed would start off strong by hitting a front package double arm supplex on Kashin, Chocoball would keep the momentum going by landing hard kicks to Kashin in the chest, and then would hit a spinning heel kick on Kashin. Chocoball would end up getting overly excited, and take a risk by going to the top rope and flip off the top rope, but would miss. Kashin would go for the win after this, and put Chocoball in a front neck lock choke, with Mukai would tap out to, as the referee would reward Kendo Kashin the match at 5 minutes, 19 seconds. 

The Takada Monster Army would hit the ring consisting of Dan Bobish, Giant Silva, Mark Coleman, and Pride Referee Yuji Shimada would hit the ring to the loudest heel reaction from the Japanese Independent fan crowd, as it would be announced that a change in  the lineup for the Hustle-3 card for the Yokohama Arena had taken place. It would be Kintaro Kanemura & Sabu now teaming The Gladiator to take on Masato Tanaka, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, and now All Japan's Tomoaki Honma in a Hardcore Match. The Gladiator, Kanemura, and Sabu would end up defeating Tanaka, Kuroda, and Honma after Silva would interfere in the match, and The Gladiator would hit a Kamikaze Awesome Bomb on Honma for the win. 

Returning to Fuyuki Army Promotion for the first time since October 24, 2003, Sabu would take on Zero One's Jun Kasai in a "Hardcore Rules" Match. Jun Kasai would bring to the ring, a barbwire baseball of his. Sabu would get the Hardcore match started early, by using a chair in the match, and hitting a chair guillotine leg drop on Kasai's face. Sabu would place tons of chair in the ring, and hit a Hurricanrana on Kasai landing on them. But Kasai would manage to get back the momentum by hitting Sabu with a lowblow and then hitting a Swinging Arm DDT onto those stack of chairs. Kasai would begin using the barbwire baseball bat in the match, and would hit Sabu with a full swing with it. Kasai would grab a chair, but Sabu would counter with a dropkick to the chair. Sabu would place the barbwire baseball bat on the stack of chairs, and would then throw Kasai off the top turnbuckle, causing him to land on the barbwire bat and the chairs. Sabu would then place Kasai on a table on the outside, and would hit a guillotine leg lock off the apron, through the table. Sabu would manage to finish Sabu with an Arabian Press Moonsault for the victory at 10 minutes, 25 seconds.

Project Hayabusa's GOEMON who was once a three time WEW 6 Man Tag Team Champion with Jado & Gedo as Koji Nakagawa before turning on them and becoming GOEMON on May 28, 2000 would face off against them for the first time since February 11, 2001 when Tanaka, Jado, and Gedo defeated Kodo Fuyuki, GOEMON, and Onryo for the vacant WEW 6 Man Tag Titles, and for the first time since Jado & Gedo left FMW and joined New Japan. GOEMON would team up with Garuda to face off against the New Japan team. GOEMON and Gedo would start off the match slow, before Jado & Garuda would be tagged in. Garuda would hit Jado with a spinning heel kick, before Jado would tag in Gedo, and Garuda would hold his own against Gedo as the two went at it against each other. Ultimately, Gedo would get Garuda in the corner, and tag Jado back in who would begin kicking at Garuda's mask. Garuda would manage to make the tag to GOEMON who would begin brawling with Jado outside the ring, with Jado swinging GOEMON into the guard rail. Jado would get GOEMON back in the ring, and place him in the Crossface of JADO, and would eventually make GOEMON tap to it for Jado & Gedo victory at 12 minutes, 33 seconds. Garuda will go on and make his debut in New Japan on May 13th at Korakuen Hall, and is entered into New Japan's Best of the Super Juniors Tournament later in May.

All Japan's Jr. Heavyweight Champion Kaz Hayashi would team with WMF's Junior Heavyweight Champion Onryo to face off against K-Dojo's TAKA Michinoku & GENTARO. Onryo would face off against GENTARO to start the match, as Onryo had defeated GENTARO for the WMF Jr. Heavyweight Title back in February, GENTARO would end up tagging to TAKA, who would exchange punches with Onryo before Onryo would tag in Hayashi. The former Kaientai Deluxe members from Michinoku Pro would buttheads with one another and begin going at it. Kaz would manage to hit TAKA with a dropkick, before tagging in Onryo. Onryo would come in, but would eventually get placed in TAKA's Just Face Lock, before Kaz would manage to make the save. GENTARO be tagged in by TAKA and would come in and hit Kaz with his Sweet Chin Music Superkick, and then would climb to the top rope, and attempt his Shooting Star Press, which Kaz would manage to move out of the way for. Kaz would grab GENTARO and hit him with his Final Cut and manage to score the pinfall victory over GENTARO at 13 minutes, 17 seconds.

DDT's Takashi Sasaki would start the show off against Shinjuku Shark and Daisaku Shimoda in a Triple Threat Match. Takashi would convince Shimoda to team with him to attempt to take out Shark, but eventually Takashi would turn on Shimoda and hit them both with a dropkick at the same time. Shinjuku would attack Shimoda with hard punches, and eventually would knock both Sasaki and Shimoda down and place together, where he would land a Moonsault on both of them, but would fail to get the kick. Shimoda would placing his kicks to the head on Sasaki, but it would eventually be Takashi Sasaki who would put away Shimoda with a Lariat with Shark already down to score the pinfall victory at 6 minutes, 40 minutes.