WMF ran another successful show for their 2nd Year Anniversary on August 29, 2004 in the small Saitama Pepe Hall Atlas building. Soldier returned to WMF for the first time since October 19, 2003. Soldier had lived in Mexico and Pennsylvania throughout the year, and worked for the IWC promotion where he was presented the IWC International Championship before returning back to Japan which he defended in the match. Soldier defended the title against FMW Dojo friend Garuda in the main event of the show. Garuda and Soldier are thought of as a younger Hayabusa & Mr. Gannosuke. The match was made by WMF after stating it received the most votes on a survey they had on their website. The match had actually been known months in advance by both wrestlers. It was the first time the two rivals had fought in a singles match since February 15, 2002 after Soldier defeated the injured Garuda quickly in the opening match after Garuda had begun to suffer neck problems. The match turned out to be a very good match, the best match with Garuda in months, as Garuda delivered the Hayabusa trademarks moves in the Asai Moonsault and the Falcon Arrow to Soldier. Garuda would attempt the 450 Fire Bird Splash, but got caught up on the top rope by Soldier, who took the advantage and eventually finished Garuda off with a Diamond Cutter to score the victory in his return over Garuda.

Mr. Gannosuke took on Seiji Ikeda in the semi main event of the show. Last year, at WMF's 1st Year Anniversary show, Mr. Gannosuke criticized Seiji Ikeda for being in the main event, feeling he was not ready to be in a match of such high value after he was known for just being a comedy wrestler. The words by Gannosuke made Ikeda refocus on his career, and become a serious wrestler and begin using his real name in matches. Ikeda took it to Gannosuke in the beginning, delivering Gannosuke's own signature Riki Choshu and putting Gannosuke in the Scorpion Death Lock to Gannosuke. Gannosuke would manage to fight back by delivering a Praying Powerbomb to Ikeda, followed up by several attempts to finish off Ikeda with back supplexs before finally finishing off Ikeda with the Fire Thunder for the victory. Afterwards, Gannosuke helped Ikeda up and showed Ikeda the respect he lacked at showing last year to Ikeda by shaking his hand for a fight well done.

Mammoth Sasaki teamed with DDT's Tomohiko Hashimoto & Seiya Morohashi to face GOEMON, Onryo, and Junji Tanaka. The Junior Heavyweight were no match for the heavyweights that used their power on all three wrestlers before Mammoth would finish off Junji Tanaka with a lariat as GOEMON & Onryo were laid out and unable to make the save for their partner. 

Flying Kid Ichihara returned to WMF for the first time since November 20, 2003 as he had only taken select bookings throughout the past year as he has somewhat semi retired from professional wrestling. Flying Kid Ichihara teamed with GENTARO to face Mineo Fujita and newest WMF wrestler Masahiro Takanashi. Fujita nearly scored a victory over Ichihara with a German Supplex, but it was GENTARO who would deliver a Sweet Chin Music on Fujita to score the victory. 

Ricky Fuji's mystery opponent from Senmu Yoshida turned out to be the former Mr. Iwaonosuke, Katsumi Hirano in a Sumo suit. Although Hirano managed to throw Ricky Fuji down to the mat several times during the match with his force, it was Ricky Fuji who would manage to get the victory using the .999 DDT for the victory.

Zero defeated Emi Sakura in the opening match for the second straight year at the Saitama Pepe Hall Atlas.

The Apache Army held its debut show on August 30, 2004 at Korakuen Hall, drawing an announced 1600 fans and labeling the show a success. The show was taped for Samurai TV and will air on September 11, 2004. Choshu got the upper advantage on Kanemura right away taking his frustration on Kanemura for winning his promotions WMG Tag Team Titles by supplexing him off the top of the turnbuckle and then placing him in the Scorpion Death Lock until Kanemura's team mates were force to make the save. Choshu and Hido would begin to go at it, as all the wrestlers would begin brawling with another around ringside. Ishii would end up winning after lariating Dick Togo out of the ring, and then finishing off Hido with a Brainbuster for the victory for Riki Choshu's team. Afterwards, Kanemura would get on the mic and apologize to the fans for the lost, but told the crowd it does not matter if you lose 100 times, if only you get the victory at the end. Kanemura then announced there would be another show on October 10, 2004 as well as a a tour in November and wrestlers expected to wrestle on the cards are Riki Choshu, Shinjiro Otani, Satoshi Kojima, Tatsuhito Takaiwa, and Masato Tanaka along with the fellow Apache Army wrestlers. The show would end with the Apache Army doing the TNR Dance.

Takao Omori turned out to be the Apache Army's mystery assassin to get back at Kuroda for leaving the group. Omori gladly accepted a shot at taking on Kuroda after what he felt was an embarrassing lost to Kuroda in last months Fire Festival and wanted revenge. Omori and Kuroda brawled all around ringside, including going into the crowd where Kuroda delivered his running lariat in the crowd to Omori. They would take it back in the ring where Kuroda would try to finish off Omori with the Samson Clutch and Shining Wizard, but both times Omori would manage to kick out. Omori would manage to get the victory with the Axe Bomber over Kuroda for the revenge from the Fire Festival. If more details and pictures of the show are released, they will be put up. If other details of the undercard matches are released, they will be posted on this page.

The Big Japan team of Ryuji Ito & Daisuke Sekimoto managed to defeat the tag team of The Akrangers of Takashi Sasaki and GENTARO in a match that the Big Japan team tried to bring the match into their environment by bringing a chair in the match and eventually Ryuji Ito would score the pin on GENTARO with a Dragon Splash for the victory at 18 minutes, 12 seconds. 

GOEMON & Onryo defeated the team of Undertaker Gosaku & Paul Bearer. Gosaku returning to the gimmick that he did in FMW 10 years earlier, this time with someone as Paul Bearer in his corner although he was officially his partner. Gosaku did all the Undertaker mannerisms, but would eventually be pinned by Onryo with a Onryo Clutch at 8 minutes, 6 seconds. 

The team of YOSHIYA & Futoshi Miwa & Showa-ko defeated Shinjuku Shark & DJ Nira & Naoshi Sano in the comedy match of the show when YOSHIYA pinned Sano at 8 minutes, 7 seconds.